Capri Quilt Pattern | A Modern Take on Strip Quilting

It’s time for summer and this quilt pattern is ready for the sun! When I lived in Italy, often I’d see beach tents and chairs with these classic blue and white lines. Even today when I see them I think of Italian coasts.

Get a copy of the Capri Quilt Pattern Here

As an ode to my memories, Capri was born. She’s strippy, she’s a little unique, and she’ll keep you on your toes. This pattern is so incredibly different than anything you’ve probably encountered!

(note: this version of Capri has smaller strip sets, the pattern as written will have more strips!)

Strip sets are cut into shapes that then make up the quilt top. The hardest part (in my humble opinion) is sewing all the strips! Once you have that done… it’s definitely smooth sailing from there. 

Cutting up the sets can be a little terrifying, but be brave, this pattern is forgiving. There is plenty of room for you to trim on both sides so that you’ll have a perfectly squared quilt top.

Working with Bias edges

If you have never worked with bias edges (fabric cut diagonally from the selvage) then you’re in for a treat, aka, you’ll get lots of practice with this pattern! There are two ways to combat some of the stretching that occurs during piecing.

Stay Stitch

This is a really common technique in the garment sewing world, and even in the quilting world. Stay stitching is sewing 1/8from where you’re going to cut (don’t cut yet!) and then cutting.

The stitch keeps the edges in place until you’re ready to piece. And then the stitch disappears into the ¼” seam allowance.

Lightweight Interfacing

After doing quite a bit of research, I found an old quilting forum that mentioned this as a way to deal with bias edges. So I tried it! I went to my local quilt shop and asked for the lightest weight iron-on interfacing. They came back with VERY thin interfacing.

It was little difficult at first (I’ve never used interfacing, ever) but I picked up some tips, use a pressing cloth (aka some nearby fabric) and don’t move the iron around, just press firmly.

Make sure the fabric and the interfacing are completely adhered. Once I did that, I made my cuts and it worked extremely well. Was it faster than stay stitching? Probably not, but it was a good learning opportunity.

I planned on keeping the interfacing (it was really really thin) but after piecing the whole top, it was really easy to peel off from the back. Some of it stayed where it was sewn into the seams, but the rest came off really easily. In the end.. it was kind of like a giant EPP project.

Color Choices for the Quilt

The colors actually came before the pattern was even finished. I knew exactly what I wanted aesthetically. It needed to be a. clean, b. classy, c. summery, d. timeless. So blue and white it was! Both colors are from Art Gallery Fabric (as was the backing! My favorite!).

  • Nocturnal Blue
  • Snow White

There is something so wonderful about two-color quilts. BUT the coolest part about Capri is that it is very flexible. You can grab your nearest 2.5” strip roll and get sewing! I had testers that did ombres, variegated strips, prints, you name it.

In the end, the most important thing is to pick the colors that speak to you and make you happy.

Capri Quilt Backing

It was love at first sight, and also meant to be. This print is from the Capri collection by Art Gallery Fabrics. I saw it and thought, that is absolutely perfect! Art Gallery Fabrics was kind enough to provide the backing so I could live out my Italian summer quilt dreams.

Binding the Quilt


You know I couldn’t just let it be a normal whip stitch.. I went with a fun little big stitch binding detail that I think adds just a hint of character to the quilt. I love it AND it didn’t take too long to complete. Some of my stitches are little more.. what’s the word.. involved. Haha.


I hope you love making Capri as much as I enjoyed designing it and making it twice! I have a second version in Essex linens that is divine. You can also get kits at Pasadena Quilt Co. one of my favorite fabric shops. 

For now, enjoy all the wonderful quilts made by quilt testers. They are each incredible, so go give them a follow!


Adrianna Ortiz @adri_craftology


Heather Heck @heck.yes.sewco



Ellyse Goodfellow @bluepearlquilts


Mary Burroughs-Mayer @embercraftcompany


Melanie Gershman @quiltsfrombrooklyn


Alicia Jones @wildblooms_quiltco


Elaine Satterfield @createjoyquilt


Debora Rivera @rivera.debora


Emily Herbster @peachandhoneystitchery



What colors are you going to choose for your Capri Quilt Pattern? Put them in the comments below!  


I absolutely loved the free block of Primavera….. I was SO excited when I saw you were making it into a quilt!!!
Thank you so much! I can’t wait to make this one!! And those colors😍


@Margaret the PDF+ version of Capri will have links to all the videos in the pattern, you’ll see a little PDF+ symbol, click on that and it will take you to the videos! If you need more help, please reach out!

Quiltd Studios

Good morning! Where are the videos for the Capri Quilt Pattern, please? Thank you!

Margaret Berwick

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