Finding Inspiration for the new year

If you're looking for inspiration for your next quilting project, there are plenty of places to find it!

I compiled a list of helpful tips that either I or fellow quilter friends use to continually get inspired to quilt.

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If you've been asking yourself these questions: 

  • How do others make so many quilts?
  • How do I set goals for new quilting techniques?
  • What kinds of quilts do I like?
  • How do I choose quilt colors that I like?
  • I feel overwhelmed, how do I prioritize the quilts that I want to make?

It can be difficult to have constant creative energy. Burnout is real! And if you aren't careful, you'll lose that spark of interest, curiosity and passion for a season. 

These are some places or things that may help keep your creativity alive and you may even make more quilt friends along the way!

Online quilting communities & Social Media

There are many online communities dedicated to quilting, where you can find inspiration, share your own work, and connect with other quilters. Some popular options include Quilting Board and the Modern Quilt Guild.

Many quilters share their work and inspiration on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Follow quilters whose work you admire and see what inspires them.

Quilt shows and events

Attending quilt shows and events can be a great way to see a wide variety of quilts and get inspiration for your own projects. You can also meet other quilters and see what they are working on.

Books and magazines

There are many quilting books and magazines available that feature beautiful quilts and patterns.

These can be a great source of inspiration and also provide instructions and guidance for your own projects.

Fabric stores

Spending time in a fabric store can be a great way to find inspiration. Look at the different colors, patterns, and textures of the fabrics and see what catches your eye.

Nature & Your own creative process

The world around us is full of inspiration for quilters. Take a walk outside and see what colors and patterns catch your eye. You can also look at pictures of nature for inspiration.

Finally, don't forget to let your own creative process guide you. Experiment with different techniques and materials and see what inspires you.

The more you quilt, the more comfortable you will become with the process and the more ideas you will have for your own projects.

One of my favorite inspirations for quilting colors and designs are vintage tiles and buildings. I love them! They speak to my soul and always spark a creative thought or feeling. 

I hope that this foray into quilt inspiration was helpful! Remember if you're feeling like others have more creative energy than you.. that's okay! And normal! Decide what's most important to you. 

And try achieve those changes and projects. No one else has the unique perspective that you do, and it's so valuable! I love seeing all of the creative interpretations from individuals. 

Share your favorite way to get inspired in the comments!


I have not made a quilt in a while need all the help I can get.

Solange Cote

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