Free Quilt Sizes Guide – A Free PDF Download

I think I’ve searched for quilt sizes about a bajillion times, well for pretty much every quilt I’ve ever made. After years, I finally decided to whip one up that I could print out and hang up on my design wall (aka my Feltright wall).

Common Quilt Sizes

Let me start by saying.. quilt designers can’t decide on standard sizes so we mostly give ranges. Depending on how quilts are built, each one could be a little different in size.


For this quilt sizing guide, I decided to go with the most common, average size given by most quilters.

These can vary up to ten inches! So keep that in mind when you’re looking at the quilt sizes guide.

Baby and Crib Quilts

Baby quilts are extra teeny tiny. Think play mat sized. I mostly skip this because I want my quilt to stay with baby until they’re a toddler (or even a five year-old like my daughter!). Crib sized quilts are my favorite, they’re fast to put together, and a breeze to quilt.

If you haven’t made a baby/crib sized quilt recently, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast they come together. I recently made one for a new little niece and I kept thinking, this was so easy! This is so fast! What am I doing making adult sized quilts?!?!

Throw Sized Quilts

The throw is the most common size of quilt pattern, and for good reason. It’s versatile. Throw (get it.. thus the name..) it on a bed, a sofa, a chair, your car, a dog, you name it, the throw can be thrown on it. 

It’s probably my favorite size for more complex patterns. I will say that my throw sized quilts are almost always bigger and longer than other designers’. Why? Because I want to be able to cuddle up in this quilt when it’s thrown on the sofa. And with smaller throws, I find myself struggling to get fully engulfed in the loveliness of my quilt! 

This is of course personal preference, and I’m sure some of the quilters that make my patterns are little shocked at how big the throw size is.. but I have no regrets.

Twin, Full, Queen, King Sized Quilts

The classic bed quilts, they’re all specific to mattress and bed sizes. I will say that even though a pattern may say that it’s twin or full, always make sure that the size will be big enough. Sometimes designers err on the smaller side, which makes it difficult to use as a comforter, or bed cover.

Don’t forget to print out your Quilt Sizes Download!

I hope this was helpful, quilt sizing can be somewhat of a mystery to those outside of the industry, and honestly, even inside the industry! In the end, always check the size listed with the exact measurements that you’ll need.

Are you finding the sizes of quilts that you need? Is there a size that designers are missing, or could provide more often?

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