Happy One Year Quiltd! Special Edition Siracusa Crib Size

And wow, what a year it has been!

If you had asked me a year ago that Quiltd would be where it is now.. I would probably laugh! It has been an adventure that I’ll never forget. I’m so glad that I decided to start this quilt design studio, really because I have met the most amazing, fantastic quilters.

And so.. to celebrate the first quilt pattern released, and one of the most popular to date! I will be releasing a free special edition crib size!

This is a free addition to the original pattern, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the details with you.


Siracusa Modern Quilt Pattern

Siracusa is one of my all-time favorites. It’s easy to make, comes together quickly and I would know, I’ve made 8 of them! It uses strip quilting to create a plaid/gingham pattern and it’s so lovely and modern!

The original Siracusa pattern comes in 3 sizes: Crib, Throw, and Full.

Each of these sizes subtracts or adds rows/columns of strips to make them smaller or bigger. Which is easy to do for a lot of quilters, especially beginners.

Special Edition Crib Size

The special edition is a new size of strip for the crib. It reduces each of the block sizes to be smaller and more compact. It is so lovely as a crib and it works beautifully with the original instructions.

This edition will be free to download, however, you’ll need the original pattern for the directions, details, etc.

Making the Siracusa Gingham Quilt Pattern

I was so excited to test this new size out, of course I had to use some of my favorite fabrics, Essex Linen. Essex Linen has a lovely line of yarn dyed linen that imitates the plaid effect and I’ve found it to be perfect for the Siracusa quilt pattern. 

Fabric Colors

The fabric colors that I chose were:

  • Essex Linen Silver
  • Essex Linen Yarn Dyed Homespun Silver
  • Essex Linen Linen (the color)

They were perfect! And so soft and cuddly. To make it even cuddlier (because baby blankets should be the most cuddly quilts), I added white sherpa backing. It. Is. My. Favorite. 

It does collect random threads so be aware of that!


You know I love big stitch binding. I really haven’t done anything else for awhile, it’s just a perfect hand stitched touch that doesn’t require me to hand quilt the entire quilt! I chose a light silver color to match the fabrics in the quilt top.

Download a copy today!

Share your quilt top with Quiltd by tagging us on social media @quiltdstudios. I can’t wait to see all of these beautiful gingham crib sized Siracusa quilts!


To Diane LR Smith;. MOOD fabric in NYC has a wide range of linens. Many colors and weights of linen. I can recommend them personally.


To Diane LR Smith;. MOOD fabric in NYC has a wide range of linens. Many colors and weights of linen. I can recommend them personally.


@Diane and @Robin Great questions! These are Robert Kaufman Essex Linens, they are a mix of cotton and linen which make them great for quilting projects. Essex Linens are less “slippery” and easier to work with I think than 100% Linen (although you can definitely use that! Just maybe starch it as much as possible!) I hope this helps! You can find RK Essex Linens at many of the larger online quilt stores like Fat Quarter Shop, etc.

Jessica Rose | Quiltd Studios

I’d like to know the answer you gave Diane L R Smith. Regarding Linen.
Thank you,
Robin RK


Hi Jessica,
I Love Your designs, the Simplicity and Beauty are Remarkable!
Thank you for your store and great pictures. I have quilted mostly quality quilting cotton, but am not afraid to use deninm, leftovers, etc. I would love to try linen. Do you have blogs or information on these subjects on your website?

Where do you buy your linen? I’ve seen some linen online from Europe, from Etsy, etc. Do you know of any that ar made in America with the Quality you prefer? Just FYI

Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiration!

Sincerely, Diane


Diane L R Smith

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