How to Make Easy Fabric Bunting


Fabric Buntings are Perfect for Spring Décor, Nurseries and Summer Parties!

I try not to compare projects. They’re like people, each one is unique and fun.

But I’m going to say it, this one is the cutest.

It just is, those little dangly wool balls?!? I mean… so dang cute.

Easy (and Fast) Fabric Bunting

Perfect for pretty much any décor, room or holiday, this bunting is super versatile.

And really fast to whip up. Pretty much the perfect project in my mind.

As I’ve been working on my upcoming pattern, Petra, it’s also fun to take a break from that and do little projects.

Supplies Needed for Bunting

    • ¼ - ½ yard of fabric depending on long your bunting is
    • ¼ - ½ yard iron on felt (or stabilizer)
    • Double fold bias tape (I ordered mine from amazon, size ¼” it was pretty skinny, so maybe go up a size)
    • 10 Wool balls (also ordered from amazon, size 5/8” or 15mm)
    • 1 Accuquilt Pennants Die OR print this template

Those are all of the supplies needed!

Cutting the Fabric for the Bunting

I feel like I cheated here, I actually used my Accuquilt die and it was magical.

I’ve been using it since my finger accident and it’s been really helpful!

I laid my folded fabric on the end of the pennant die for the triangle one.

Rolled it through the Accuquilt and voila! Then I flipped it over and did another triangle in the opposite direction to maximize my fabric usage.

For a fabric bunting with 10 triangles, cut 20 triangles.

If you happen to not have an accuquilt, that’s okay, download the template and cut around the template to get the same number of triangles. 

You’ll repeat these steps with the iron-on felt or stabilizer to get 10 triangles of the same size.

Cut your double bias binding strip to the desired length (I actually waited to cut mine until the very end, so feel free to do that too!).

Making the Fabric Bunting, So Easy!

Start by ironing the stabilizer or felt to the wrong side of 1 triangle. Repeat with 9 more triangles, making 10 in total.

Pin another triangle to the front (right sides together).

Sew around the perimeter leaving the top open. I used a smallish seam allowance, a little less than ¼” with a 1.9mm stitch length.

Trim the bottom point to be smaller, I also trimmed the sides a bit. To be narrow and lessen bulk.

Once you’ve finished sewing, turn the triangles right side out, push the point out and iron flat.

I’ve been using my new Oliso iron and WOW what a joy it is to use!


Sew the Wool Balls to the Bunting

This was honestly my favorite part, who can resist little wool balls?!?

I tried to think of a way to attach the balls before sewing (and if you figure out a way let me know!!).

But because of the ball, I didn’t think it would work without a super narrow sewing machine foot. So by hand it is!

Using a matching thread, knot the end and push it through the back of the bottom triangle point, push your needle through the wool ball and then again through the bottom triangle point as close as possible to the first stitch.

It takes a little practice, but you’ll be a pro by the 10th triangle!

Knot your thread as inconspicuously as possible and trim your thread.

Once you’ve done this, you should have the cutest little triangle hats that soon will be bunting!

Attaching the Double Fold Bias Tape to the Bunting

Now I’ve always been one to make my own everything (thus this blog post!) but I’ve recently discovered some easy shortcuts to things.

And a giant roll of double fold bias is one of them.

I wanted my bunting “string” to be very thin so I chose 1/4” bias tape. Feel free to do any size that you’d like.

You’ll lay your bias tape out and open it up slightly to insert the open ends of the triangles.

Once you like your spacing and layout, pin or clip and bring to the sewing machine.

This can get a little dicey with things moving around, but I believe in you!

Sew down the edge of the bias tape, securing the triangles along the way.

You can create a loop at both ends, or knot them, create bow ties, etc.

I can’t wait to see your fabric bunting!! Share them on social media by tagging me @quiltdstudios or #quiltdstudios



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Thank you so much for sharing this adorable bunting! However, I am not seeing where you can download the template for the bunting flags. Thanks for any help!
Quiltd Studios replied:
Great question – right below the supplies needed you’ll see a link for the bunting template, I hope that helps!


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