NEW Isola Quilt Pattern - January 23' Release


Isola is the magic of land floating on water. The impossible, made possible. The Mediterranean is full of magical sights, cliffs covered in old homes, dramatic views of mountains, hills covered in fruit trees and vines.

But one of the most breathtaking is the islands, or isole, that dot the coastline. I remember the first time I visited cinque terre, how the views steal your breath.

Download the Isola Quilt Pattern Here

But after moving back to Italy, it was the little islands that always drew me in.

The small bits of land filled with caves, sea creatures, secret beaches and fun diving spots. I fell in love, and I haven’t ever quite recovered.

Isola, the first of the Terra Collection ’23

While designing Isola, I knew I had to capture that magic. It was imperative that the lines remain clean, but still had an unexpected flare.

The Terra Collection is a set of designs inspired by natural elements. Land, Sea, Water, Earth. Each element is uniquely different. Each one creates the world we live in and experience.  

Beginner Quilting Curves

Curves can be scary if you haven’t tried them before, but they are such a fun way to create unique looking designs.

Here is a blog post that goes through all of the basics of sewing curved quilt blocks. 

Isola was born from many, many sketches. I know that you’ll enjoy making Isola as much as I enjoyed designing (and making) it!

Fabric Requirements for the Isola Quilt Pattern

Because Isola uses curve blocks, it does require a bit more fabric than standard straight rectangular cuts, however, it’s more than worth it! 

The following is required for the quilt pattern:

Most of Quiltd Studios patterns give generous amounts of fabric (you never know how things are going to go!), add on a 1/2 yard if you’re looking to practice blocks before beginning.

Fabrics Used In Isola

The fabrics that I chose were dark blue and a natural white. One of my go-to’s for quilt patterns. I adore the classic combination of these colors together. It’s one of the few color combos that I never tire of:

  • Art Gallery Fabric Nocturnal
  • Art Gallery Fabric White

The backing was also Art Gallery Fabric, Bonnie Christine has the most beautiful prints! Art Gallery is so lovely as backing, smooth and easy to work with!

Many of my testers made Isola in varying colors and had great success! The pattern itself only comes with two colors for fabric requirements, but it is easy to use as many colors as you’d like, just grab a yard of a few colors and use those.

Testers for Isola

I have the best quilt testers! They are amazing, and all of them did such an incredible job, go give them a follow to see more of their amazing quilting!



Isola Quilt Pattern - Terra Collection '23





Will there be a paper pattern available for Isola?
Quiltd Studios replied:
Great question! I will have some printed in the next few months so stay tuned!

Casey Shilling

All of the test quilts are beautiful, I love the way they are all so different, yet all add they own special beauty to the pattern, great modern looking quilt.


Good morning. I was just wondering what the finished measurements of the crib and large throw were.

Quiltd Studios replied:
Great question! The crib is 43″ × 49″ and the Throw is 64″ × 70″



what a graphic pattern!!
well done to all your testers. all different but all lovely
Quiltd Studios replied:
They are all so amazing!!


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