Primavera – A Free Modern Quilt Pattern Download

I could not be more excited for the release of the throw version of Primavera! Seriously, this pattern was so fun to design and I really wanted everyone to have a chance to make it (and really practice that strip piecing!).

How a Block Became a Quilt

I initially designed the Primavera Block as part of the Machine Sampler Minis collaboration. It was so fun and easy.. and that got me thinking..



This would be the perfect throw! And more importantly, the block is already free, why not make this free for my email subscribers?

Really as a way to say thank you!

So without further ado, I introduce the Primavera Throw Quilt Pattern.



One of my favorite parts of designing quilts is the community of quilt testers that I have the opportunity to interact with. They are seriously amazing, if you know a quilt tester, give them a hug and tell them they’re doing God’s work.

I can’t wait to share all of their Primavera quilts with you! And they are all so varied, which I absolutely love. 

Primavera Color Palette

This color palette is probably one of my favorites. Anything that has Gotham Gray in it? Yep, that’s what I want in my life. I think I’m somewhat of a rare quilter who isn’t afraid of using dark colors.



If anything, I probably use them too much! These Kona colors were just so perfect together. It took me forever to find the exact right shades. Nothing too saturated, nothing to gray. It was a labor of love, but the end result is exactly what I envisioned.

Primavera Colors:

  • Kona Shark
  • Kona Snow
  • Kona PFD White
  • Kona Lingerie
  • Kona Gotham Gray
  • Kona Quicksilver

Even if you never make the Primavera quilt pattern, promise me you’ll screenshot this color combo to use on another quilt, because it is perfect! If you wanted to go darker, you certainly could (for ex. The pink could be darker if you like brighter colors).


Making Primavera – a Beginner Friendly Strip Pieced Quilt

This will be the easiest quilt you make this year. I guarantee it. Okay no guarantees but seriously it really is the quickest pattern to sew together. And if you're a beginner? You’ve got this. It’s a great way to practice, with low stakes.

There are several reasons this pattern is beginner friendly:

  1. It doesn’t have a lot of corners or points that meet. This makes things A LOT easier when piecing.
  2. Strips are hard to mess up. I mean you could if you really tried (or didn’t try I guess) but if you follow my recommendations to starch and use a smaller stitch length (1.7-1.9mm), you’ll be golden.
  3. This is good practice for sewing straight and using a consistent seam allowance.

If there was one skill that I could teach beginner quilters.. it would be to learn how to do a consistent scant ¼” seam allowance.

I cannot overstate this, if you want more precise points, nesting seams, blocks that aren’t too small or big.. then learn how to do a perfect scant ¼” seam. You can thank me later.


I can’t wait to see all of the primavera quilts that you make, so be sure to tag @quiltdstudios so I can see them!

And of course all of the beautiful tester quilts, make sure to go them a follow on IG, because they are all fantastic quilters! 

Tester Quilts

Ashley Danielson @Qrazyaboutquilting


Rachel Kaegi @Littlebitsalove


Kathy Mattingly @ktsews


Maureen Hindle @meh0611


Kristin Yeasting @quilting_kristin_sea


Ilana Galil @sewilana


Kate bierle @Duenorthhandmade


Sarah Schrock @sarahreneedesign




I first want to thank you for the Primavera quilt pattern. I have the top done for a graduation gift for a grandchild and have used your color palette which I love. I am stumped on what to bind it with, I have auditioned every color in the quilt but was wondering which color you used for binding? The top looks so amazing!, it went together so nicely and using Clover fork pins, nailed the precise seams…yay!


Hello, these are beautiful minis. Where do you have the patterns available for them?
Quiltd Studios replied:
Great question! This mini was available as part of an event last year, so they’re unavailable at this time, but maybe all of the designers will rerelease them this summer! Thanks so much, Jess


Beautiful projects and fabric!
Quiltd Studios replied:
Thank you for visiting!


@Linda – that is a great question, let me help:
Fabric A : Shark
Fabric B: Quicksilver
Fabric C: Snow (but any light tan/natural color will work!)
Fabric D: PFD White
Fabric E: Gotham Gray
Fabric F: Lingerie

Jessica Rose - Quiltd Studios

Der Quilt ist genau Meins.


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