Quiltd Studios Newest Pattern: Petra

She’s finally here! I dreamed of Petra long ago; I’m so excited to see this beautiful quilt pattern come to life.


Years ago I wandered a small seaside town in Sicily. Dramatic cliffs led to breathtaking overlooks.

At the top of one hill (it felt like a mountain at the time), I found crumbling buildings made from large stones.

A small sign read that the buildings were from an ancient Greek temple dedicated to their Gods.

I will never forget seeing these otherworldly buildings, imagining what life looked like for the people that lived so many years ago (can you tell I was a history major in college? Haha).

I fell in love. And vowed to commemorate my experience, behold: Petra.

Petra’s Main Colorway and Fabric Choice

I spend weeks (sometimes months) picking out colors for new quilt patterns. Petra was no exception.

I worked with Art Gallery Fabrics to find the perfect blend of neutrals. This quilt will live on my bed and I wanted it to match the rest of my room.

The fabrics used were:

The backing is a fun take on a weave pattern. I think it’s the perfect combination and the colors are even better in person.

Petra’s Construction

Petra comes in 3 sizes, however because it’s block based.. you can go as big (or small) as you want! I’ve been dying to make Petra into a pillow as well- 

  • Square Crib: 56" x 56" 
  • Throw: 56" x 65"
  • Twin: 75: x 93"

Petra features the largest blocks I’ve ever designed (ironic since I’m also part of a mini quilt block collab this year!). They clock in around 20”.. yah she’s big and beautiful.

The best part of large blocks is how incredibly fast the quilt comes together once the blocks are constructed.

And boy is this a fun quilt to make, I secretly (okay not so secretly) love log cabin piecing. Combine that with strip piecing and you have a Quiltd Studios pattern :D

To save time, strip piecing is utilized in almost every step, it’s magic.

Unique Finishes on the Petra Quilt 

I even went outside of my comfort zone (coming from someone who backed a quilt in fur, I’d say my comfort zone is pretty large), I even did a decorative stitch on the binding!

And to save time (and maybe some of my sanity), I used one of the stitches on my Bernina 570 QE that just happened to MATCH Petra almost perfectly. 

The quilting on Petra was so fun, I quilted in many of the lighter areas and down the longer lines. It creates a beautiful effect.

I can’t wait for you to make Petra, she’s special to me, and I can’t wait to make another one (maybe darker!?)

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