ROMA | Desert Rose Colorway | A Mid-Century Modern Quilt Pattern by Quiltd Studios

When I designed the Roma quilt pattern, I knew I wanted to do two colorways. The classic blue/leather/silver (which you can see here) and something more summery and fun. I don’t often quilt with pinks (unless it’s for a baby quilt) however, something about these colors just drew me in!

Snag a copy of the Roma Pattern here

I was inspired by some of the more recent interior designs by Anthropologie and West Elm (look at those interiors!!)

Source/Anthropologie & West Elm

Art Gallery Fabric Pure Solids

Once I decided on the colors (and boy did it take forever to pick the perfect shades, I’m the worst at deciding!) collaborating with Art Gallery Fabrics was an obvious next step. Art Gallery Fabric is one of my all-time favorite fabric companies.

It was easy to mockup in one of my favorite FREE online tools which you can read out here!

Recolor your quilts online for free!

Pure Solids are literally just that, pure and solid! Although a little more smooth than Kona, they are a dream to work with.

I always gravitate towards floral backing (maybe there’s a quilt psychologist out there who could explain my need for florals) and one of the newest lines: Season & Spice, had a perfect floral!!

It matched beautifully, so I hopped on that floral train once again! 

Fabrics Included:

  • AGF Toasty Walnut
  • AGF Latte
  • AGF Gingerbread
  • AGF Terracotta Tile
  • Backing: Art Gallery Fabric Season & Spice Seasonal Bouquet Hay
  • Binding: AGF Latte

I know, just reading those makes me hungry too! I went with warmer shades that had similar tones and it’s crazy how similar the mockup of Roma looks to how it actually turned out!

Desert Rose Colorway

Don’t those colors just look like a desert rose? I mean if desert roses were real, this is what I imagine they would look like!

It’s not often that I branch out into warmer pink tones, so this was definitely a successful adventure. And maybe.. just maybe.. I’ll use more pink in the future!

Making the Roma Quilt

After making two Roma quilts, I can honestly say that it’s one of my all-time favorite patterns! It’s so satisfying building blocks and then there’s such a fun element of surprise by having it on point. Those side/corner blocks are a blast to make and easy to whip up!

In fact, after releasing Roma, a quilter reached within two days to show me her completed quilt top! After making two Roma quilts, I’m not sure I’m even that fast!

For more beginner quilters, Roma may prove a little challenging, and I think that’s a good thing! Roma has several techniques that aren’t found in many patterns.

Let me know what you think about the technique in Roma in the comments!

Finishing the Roma Quilt Pattern

The quilt top is completed and ready to be quilted! I’ve never had a quilt long-armed.. and I think this is the time! I’m going to send it off and have it quilted. Which is terrifying to me (clearly I have control issues), but also will be so nice after battling so many quilts though my small (but trusty!) sewing machine.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Quiltd Studios quilt without a fun binding stitch (did you see those V stitches on the blue Roma!?) and I can’t wait to show it to you! I love finding ways to add fresh and modern touches to more traditional quilt techniques.

So stay tuned on more updates as I finish the binding and complete the quilt! Let me know if you have any questions about making the Roma quilt!

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Love this quilt pattern!!

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