The Ultimate List of AudioBooks for Quilters

Audiobooks for Quilters

When I was young, I frequently got in trouble for staying up too late with my light on (of course reading!). Looking back, I’m sure my parents were glad that reading too much was the only trouble I was getting into!

Books are magical, they create new ideas, broaden your perspective, make you laugh and cry all at the same time.

A List of Favorite Audiobooks

There are two hobbies (if you can call them that) that I’ve always had: reading and quilting. Combining the two was relatively easy with the advent of audiobooks which were largely unavailable when I was young (yikes I sound like my parents!).

If you’re a reader like me, you’ll love this blog post. Dedicated to some of my favorite (and favorites of friends) books to listen to while quilting, or read when not quilting!

If you have any favorite audiobooks, share them in the comments so we can all see your recommendations.

I’ve broken the recommendations up into sections, feel free to find the section you’re most interested in!

Audiobook Recommendations for Quilters

  • Favorite Mystery/Thriller
  • Autobiographical/Entertaining
  • Favorite Business Books
  • Favorite Romantic Comedies


  • Favorite Quilting/Sewing Books
  • Favorite Cookbooks

I can’t wait to share more, some I’ve listened to, others I own or have rented from the library. Remember to share your favorites too!

Favorite Mystery/Thriller


Favorite Business Books

  • Fans First By: Jesse Cole Probably one of the greatest business books ever, if you haven't seen the Banana Baseball team, you're in for a treat and this book is focused on giving value to your customers, so wonderful!
  • Traffic Secrets By: Russell Brunson Russell has a few books, I've only listened to this one and it was good, I liked his point of view, definitely worth a listen.
  • Big Magic By: Elizabeth Gilbert So fantastic, really anyone who designs or does something creative for work should be required to listen/read this. It's cathartic and inspiring to hear about her journey to creative freedom.
  • Resolving Conflicts at Work By: Kenneth Cloke Joan Goldsmith I was assigned this book during my MS degree and it was life changing. I still use so many of the techniques they talk about, in life, business, etc. 
  • Steal like an Artist Also should be required, it's wonderful to be released from the toxic idea that the world has enough art, enough quilt patterns, enough ABC, the world also needs YOU and your unique interpretation. 
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People By: Dale Carnegie Classic, my brother loves this book and makes everyone read it. 

Favorite Romantic Comedies

  • Any book (too many to list!) by Mhairi McFarlane I'm not kidding, Mhairi is literally my favorite British author, her books are INCREDIBLE, fun, witty, mostly clean (for moms out there listening with kids!) and really just a ride. I live for her new releases. 
  • Sweet Magnolia’s books By: Sherryl Woods I mean... there's a reason Netflix picked up these books, they're equal parts sugar and southern charm. I love them. 
  • The Selection Series By: Kiera Cass Young Adult fiction is seriously some of the best, it's not overly complicated, or dark. This is a great example of a fun and interesting story. 
  • Crazy Rich Asians By: Kevin Kwan So good, and even better then the movie, which is hard to beat!
  • Persuasion By: Jane Austen This specific version is read by Francis Pugh so there's that. I remember reading this on a long bus ride from Florence to Rome and I finished it right as the bus pulled up, that letter though (excuse me while I go sob tears of joy). 
  • Taming of the Shrew – Shakespeare I fell in love with Shakespeare after taking a Shakespeare class in college, but more specifically this story. I don't know why, but I just love the premise, it's a fun story that always has me laughing. 

Favorite Parenting/Improvement Books

Just for Fun: Books That Are (Probably) Better as Books

Favorite Quilting/Sewing Books

Favorite Cookbooks

I hope that this list of audiobooks (and books!) keeps you busy and entertained while you work on your next quilting projects! I've listened to or read most of them and they're some of my favorites.

I'll add more to the list throughout the year so check back ocasionally to see new audiobooks that have been added. 

Happy reading (and by reading I mean listening!)


Thank you for your favorite book list. I put several on my list to read. I think the one yard wonders book will be a good one to do crafts with my granddaughters.
Quiltd Studios replied:
I love that book for getting easy project ideas!!

Gale D Husom

Thanks for this list! I love the seven books in The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. I read them aloud to my 3rd graders, and they loved them, too. They’re still on my favorites list, and have greatly influenced my life with the lessons they taught me in a very entertaining way.


Check out the free audiibooks on YouTube. I listen all the time that I’m sewing.


I also love to sew and listen to audiobooks. Thanks for your list -I have read some and added others to my Want to read list. Here’s a good one I read recently – Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Rayborn. So entertaining – suspenseful, funny, great characters and unique plot.


Mystery Lucy foley the Guest List
Marie Benedict historical fiction all woman stories!!


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